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Thurleigh Primary School

Thurleigh Primary School


The school aims for children to develop a love of learning about history through active learning which seeks to instil curiosity through historical enquiry.  The history curriculum is designed so that children learn to question historical evidence.  This is made relevant in the curriculum by including local history studies.

We aim to gradually build our children’s understanding of British and world history.  Children need to have a coherent and chronological knowledge of our history and how Britain has been influenced by the wider world.

Many of our curriculum topics throughout the school are history based.  We aim to utilise a wide range of resources in our teaching of history, including where possible first-hand experiences.  In line with the national curriculum, our KS1 children learn about history within living memory, significant events beyond living memory and about the lives of significant people in history,

In KS2 we aim to continue to develop children’s chronological knowledge.  We strongly encourage children to ask and answer questions about history and use appropriate and challenging historical vocabulary. 

Where possible we make use of people, places and experiences to enhance our history curriculum – for example a visit to school by a collection of wartime tractors, walks to Thurleigh mound and visits to the British Schools Museum, The Shuttleworth collection, Thurleigh Airfield Bombardment museum and the Cecil Higgins museum.  We also make use of organisations such as “History off the Page” to deliver specialist experience days to our children, such as a cross federation Greek Day for Year 5 and 6 children.

As part of our programme of on-going improvement, we are looking to further develop our local history work.  We are going to focus on our immediate environment and history of Thurleigh village.

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