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Thurleigh Primary School

Thurleigh Primary School



We use a range of resources to support the development of reading, including books,games, I-pads and computers. Our library contains a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, including big books. Each class has a class selection of both non-fiction and fiction books for children to choose from.

We follow the Oxford Reading tree scheme of books which starts in the Early Years unit and is continued through the other classes. In addition, we have a variety of other schemes which children are able to read to consolidate and expand skills and knowledge. We encourage all children to read a range of “real” books not just ones from a limited range.


  • Sharing is listening to and exploring high quality class texts
  • Modelled and shared reading
  • Daily guided reading sessions
  • Daily Phonics session to enable decoding and reading with independence
  • One to one reading with individuals who need this input
  • Celebrating books by significant authors as a school 



Phonics is the term given to learning the letter sounds which are the beginning of learning to read and write.  Initial sounds are taught early in a child’s Reception year in a specific order so that within a couple of weeks children can make words.  Eg s, a, t, i, p, n – children are then able to make such words as tap, pin, sit etc.

As a school we use a range of resources to teach phonics and follow the “Letters and Sounds” programme.


Fun links for learning: 

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