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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thursday 25th May 2023

Oodles of interesting discoveries . . .

The topic for the Summer term is ‘What can you see in the sea?’

In our Design & Technology lesson we designed and made our own ‘Punch & Judy theatres’ for our sparkling start. We used donations of Easter egg boxes. Further in the term, we will be making our own ‘puppets’ and performing our plays.

In Science we have researched how we know what is living, alive or dead by finding items in our classroom and outside on the school field.

There are many different micro-habitats on the school field and in the wood. We discovered snails, slugs, woodlouse, spiders and ants lurking underneath a variety of places such as: a log, leaves, in clumps of freshly cut grass, the compost bin and the massive tyres in our continuous provision area.

For Literacy this term we have looked through different books about whales.


The Whale Song - where Lily's grandmother tells her all about the mysterious whales out in the bay, and Lily longs to hear their magical song.

We wrote about the story in our own words, using our own character descriptions with verbs and nouns.

The Storm Whale - a little boy named Noi lives on an island with his hard-working fisherman father and six cats.

We retold part of the story of how Noi was feeling and how he took care of the baby whale that became beached on the sand near his house.

In Computing Technology we have been using the Purple Mash program to access the coding software. We have coded objects to move up, down, left and right and to do this when the item is clicked, swiped or when the program starts running. We have had lots of fun and have a clear understanding of the challenges within the modules.

Year 2 have finished their SATs work. Well done to everyone, you are all superstars!

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