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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Friday 23rd September 2022

New term, new experiences and Wizards!

What a fantastic start to the new term all the children in Willow have made. It has been lovely spending time with the Year 1 children and getting to know them and they have all settled in well to the class with Year 2 children. I am so very proud of them all!

Our topic this term is ‘Castles’ and in Literacy we have looked at the story Cinderella. As a class we have talked and written about the characters in this story which are Cinderella, the stepmother, the stepsisters, the fairy godmother and prince charming.

All the children have been working hard on their handwriting techniques with the Year 2’s starting to learn how to write the letters joined up.

In Literacy, we had a message from a Wizard. He had left his book of potions and spells in a muddled mess with the pages scattered all in the wood and on the school field. The children excitedly searched for all the missing pages. There were so many different spells to use and potions to make.

The children have looked at Verbs and Nouns to create a spider-diagram for writing their own Potion.

In ICT Willow class have been given their usernames and codes to log into ‘Bug Club’, ‘Purple Mash’ and TT RockStars websites. They have spent time exploring on iPads and the computers in the library.

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