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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Friday 18th March 2022

Fractions, Frogs and Fundraising!

Throughout this week we have been learning about Fractions in Maths, looking at halves and quarters.

Using 2D shapes, arrays of objects and quantities of counting blocks we discovered that a half of something has to be in equal parts. Ten counting blocks can be halved into 2 groups of 5 and a piece of paper can be folded into 2 halves and 4 quarters.


Our traditional tale this week was The Frog Prince. We have now started finding information all about Frogs to create our own mini fact book. We have had fun researching and looking through encyclopaedia's, books on the natural world and accessing photos of frogs on the internet, using our PC skills. Our facts so far are based on the life cycle of a frog, their habitat's, what they eat and that they are amphibians as they live on land and in the water.

On Friday we joined the whole school in raising money for Red Nose Day which is an ongoing campaign to end child poverty throughout the world. The organisation funds programs which help keep children safe and healthy while providing them with support and education. We wore our favourite red clothes, odd socks and changed our hair all for donations of money. Some of us used hair-chalk to turn our hair red and used hair gel so that we had crazy hairstyles. We all enjoyed being part of this fabulous way of raising money.

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