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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Friday 11th November 2022

We have had a fabulous start to the new half-term!

In science, we have been learning about the human skeleton. We have learned that our skeletons hold us up, allow our movement and protect the important organs inside our body. We have also learned about the different kinds of muscles in our body, how they work and the roles they play. The children have worked hard this week on their independent tasks and have produced some super outcomes demonstrating their understanding of this. 

In D&T we have been designing and making our own electrical Operation Board Games. Before we started our designs, we researched and investigated electrical systems, materials and components. We tested a range of different materials to see which would conduct electricity, this helped us to select the materials we would use in our board games. We then looked at which components are needed for a complete circuit that would light a bulb. We used our research to design an electrical circuit for inside our board games. This week we have enjoyed making our board games, using a range of new tools and materials. 

Our writing in English this week has been linked to our D&T projects. We have been writing a persuasive product description for our Operation Board Game to go on the John Lewis website. The children have demonstrated an excellent understanding of how to use persuasive writing devices and their outcomes are excellent. We have also started to make instruction booklets to go with our games. 

Last half-term, we finished our class text Demon Dentist. We all LOVED it and have been inspired to choose books from the school library or class book corner to take home and read for pleasure. We all wrote a book review which is in our topic books. Everyone gave it a 5 star rating and said it is the best book they have read! We have now started a new book for this half-term, which was voted by the class. We are reading The BFG. We are enjoying the story so far and are looking forward to continuing to read this daily. 

In our Whole Class Guided reading last week, we read poems and books all linked to Halloween. We had some excellent discussions about vocabulary and how the writers were creating tension. This inspired us to have a go at some free, creative writing of our own. Some of us wrote some very scary stories! This week, we have looked at texts all linked to Remembrance. 

Chestnuts, you are working so incredibly hard again this half-term. Keep it up!

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