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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Friday 23rd September 2022


Chestnut Class have been working incredibly hard this week!

In English, we have been writing explanations texts about The Human Digestive system. We first looked at the key features of an explanation text and discussed the purpose of one, and who they are written for. We then generated a success criteria together, to help us be successful. The children then worked hard to draft their own explanation texts about the human digestive system. They then spent time giving peer feedback and responding to this feedback and proof reading and editing their work, with an editing partner. They then wrote up their final explanation texts in their best handwriting. Their outcomes are excellent and show huge progress already! It is fantastic to see them already responding to feedback they were given in the first two weeks and applying our learning from handwriting, grammar, punctuation and spelling lessons. 

In Science, we have been looking at teeth. We have learned about the types of teeth in a human's mouth and why we have each one. For their independent task, the children made scientific posters demonstrating their understanding. Next week, we will be writing non-fiction texts about how to look after our teeth and prevent tooth decay. We are also going to start looking at medicine and its history! 

Our favourite time of the school day at the moment is shared reading, at the end of the day. We are currently reading Demon Dentist together in class and the children are LOVING it! We are struggling to put the book down when it is home time because we want to keep on reading. Through our reading, we are also discovering new words, which we are adding to our "Wow Words" wall. It is great to see the children using these words in their own writing. We are probably going to finish our book by half-term so if you have any recommendations for our next class text, we would love to hear them! 

We are continuing with our TTRockstar battles in Chestnut Class this term. Last week, Year 3 beat Year 4 in our Battle of the Year Groups, it was fabulous to see so many children going on TTRockstars in the evenings and taking part. This week it has been Chestnut Class Girls VS Chestnut Class Boys...Read next week's blog to find out who won!

You should be SO proud of how far you have come already Chestnuts and the way you are approaching your learning. I am certainly very proud of you all and am thoroughly enjoying teaching you all. Keep on smiling and have a well-deserved rest this weekend! 

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