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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Friday 18th June 2021

This week was healthy eating week and we know that a healthy heart goes hand in hand with healthy eating. We still run every day but this week have gone back to the field to run and have enjoyed running off steam and making our bodies healthy. 


This week started off warm and sunny and Chestnut class took the opportunity to go on a bug hunt! We had tried to have a bug hunt during the colder weather but the bugs were hard to find. Now the sun is out we had no trouble seeing plenty of insects!

Our clubs are now in full swing and Chestnut class have enjoyed being a part of various clubs around school. 

Our Viking topic has been interesting and this week we thought about where the Vikings came from and why they came. We have used the internet and Purple Mash to research and record the things that we have found out. 

Thursday was the Big Crunch! We were given lots and lots of lovely fruit and we were all able to enjoy lots of fruits that we have had before and some new things. It was good to try new things and we all chatted about our favourite fruit. Thank you to our adults for sending in so many lovely things.  


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