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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Friday 24th September

Welcome to the Forest School Blog.

This week in Forest School, on Wednesday the Oak and Willows Class Rangers enjoyed making a Journey Stick. Here they had the task of finding a stick! This was not any old stick! It needed to be from their fingertips to their elbows and no thicker than their thumb! Ranger Carly and I attached a piece of wool to the end then we made our way through the woods looking for things we liked which we then attached to the stick using the wool. The results were fabulous and we learnt from this that there are so many pretty leaves and sticks in the woods especially now the season is turning to Autumn. Both classes requested to play "123 where are you?" so we ended on a game of this.

On Friday, Ash class and Chestnut class enjoyed a colour match activity following a story of a blackbird who had flown into a rainbow breaking it. The broken pieces had fallen into our woods so Rangers had a collection pot and colour swatch to find the parts of the rainbow.  Chestnuts also had ago at a new game of Deer Ears where we use our listening skills, whilst cupping out ears, to listen to what we can actually hear and ended our session with a tree identification task.

A couple of the children could not believe how tall our trees actually are! One said "This is the first time I have looked up at them! I always look forward as I am playing!" This was great! Seeing your environment from a new angle. The sun was shining this week but not sure how much longer this will be!

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