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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Friday 9th July 2021

Welcome to this week's blog!

We have had an exciting week, with special days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday -  Children visited their new teachers for September. It wasn't the usual transition event that we would normally do, but it was an opportunity for children to talk to their new teachers and spend a little time in the classroom.

Thursday - This was a mufti day which started off with a visit from Theatre of Widdershins. Next followed a whole school picnic on the field and the day ended on Thurleigh's Got Talent, also on the field. What a great day!

Friday - We had Sports Day. The morning was a circuit of sporty activities, the afternoon was the traditional running, skipping, egg & spoon, relay races. We certainly missed the parents, carers, grandparents, brothers and sisters being there, but everyone still had a FANTASTIC time and it really was great fun.


All girls across the Federation vs All boys across the Federation

Winners: GIRLS !!!! Come on BOYS, you have one more shot at winning this academic year!

Next week will be the final battle until September. 

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