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Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Thurleigh Primary School & Nursery

Ash Class – Trip to the Frontier Centre

What a week it has been!

This Monday, Ash class (along with the Lions class from Kymbrook) set off on our 3 day trip to the Frontier Centre in Irthlingborough. It was loads of fun. All of our instructors were really nice and took us on different activities, raft building, High Ropes, the King Swing, Archery and many more.

Raft building was great; most of us were able to keep afloat on the river and almost avoided getting wet...until our instructor Max decided we all needed a swim. We made our boats out of barrels, logs and rope which was really challenging since we all had to sit on the wood and not sink.

High Ropes was really fun; some of us managed to complete the course multiple times. It was made from many obstacles like tunnels, rope webs and wooden steps, suspended 10 meters off the ground! It also had other activities added onto it, like the Gladiator Challenge (where you had to climb up a series of tyres, ropes and poles to reach the goal), the Leap of Faith (where you had to jump into thin air and try to grab a pole before you dropped) and the zip wire. Lots of people jumped off the very top – Tayla even hung upside down!

Archery was very popular. We were given a challenge to make pizzas or rescue the princess when we were aiming at different targets in our groups. The final challenge was to do an impression of an animal depending on the target we hit. But if we missed, we had to act as a cabbage.

King Swing was one of the most popular challenges. We had to get strapped into a huge swing. Then we were pulled up and up and up till we decided we didn’t want to go any higher. The highest you could go was 100. Then, we were let go and went very fast and swung really, really high! Mrs Samson thought she would lose her wellies! Someone else’s hat DID fall off, as well as his shoes!

The ‘Above and Beyond’ obstacle course was a real trial; we could choose to be blindfolded or tied to a friend and then we had to get through a dark maze – through tunnels and lots of mud.

One evening, we had a very chill cinema session – we watched Kung Fu Panda and Spy Kids whilst eating sweets and chatting. It was a nice change from all our heart-pounding activities. It might have also had something to do with all the snoring that kept us up. Or maybe it was all the midnight feasts? Who can tell?

Also, two people had their birthdays whilst we were there – Thomas from Ash Class and Roop from Lion Class. Their parents were really nice and brought in some brownies and cake for the classes to have – we tried our best, but even with help from the teachers, we couldn’t finish it all. We still had room for breakfast the next day; we ate so much that they had to change the rules about going up for seconds. And thirds. And fourths. We made up for it at the Tuck shop – most of us had more sweets by the end of the trip that we’d started with.

We all had a lot of fun, but we’re all looking forward to getting a good, long sleep at the weekend.

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