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School Council

Who are we?

We are a group of children who have been elected through a democratic vote by our classmates. We represent the views of all children to improve the school.

Year R
Bluebell & River-Narla


Year 1
Evie C-W & Xander


Year 2
Isla F & Bailey


Year 3
Adele & Fin


Year 4
Penelope & Zayne


Year 5
Sofija & Alanah

Year 6
Marley & Max

What do we do?

We ask our school/class members for any ideas they might have about how to change or improve things in school. Afterwards we talk together as a team and speak to our teachers about our ideas and suggestions. Then we talk to our classes about what will be happening.

We think the School Council is very important because it is a way we can tell teachers and the school governors what the children think about the school and how we think it can be even better. 

Things we have done

We have helped to write the school's Home/School Agreement. We have organised activities for events such as Red Nose Day, Sports Relief and Children in Need. We like to have cake sales to raise money. If there is a cake decorating contest we will choose the winners. In the past we have negotiated with our Head Teachers for things like softer toilet roll in the loos! We also love to talk to our school governors and visitors to the school.

We have recently been an important part of our new school values and vision. We talked with other children in the school and worked with our teachers and Governors to talk about what we all wanted our school to be like. We all wanted more outdoor learning and opportunities - because of this we are now a Forest School.

Do we like being on the School Council?

Yes! It’s fun and we get to meet, share ideas and make decisions. We are part of making the school even better.